The left is not just anti-West, but anti-white

Opposition to Western culture is no end-point for the left. In keeping with the left’s obsession for race, ethnicity and skin color hating our civilization coincides with hating us. They may be anti-white because they are anti-West, or it could be the other way around – but the hatred of one fuels the hatred of the other. The left pushes for ‘diversity’, but in actuality ‘diverse’ almost always turns out to mean non-white. Whether it is a non-white modelling agency (“a true celebration of diversity”) or the almost all-black cast of the Black Panther movie (“hella diverse”), the left-wing establishment loudly supports racial segregation and racial discrimination as long as whites are suffering the brunt.

As pointed out by Chase Rachels on the Radical Capitalist Facebook page, left-wing ideals like diversity, open borders, multiculturalism, feminism and LGBT rights are pushed the hardest where they have already been implemented: “All of these measures are aimed almost exclusively at the West because they are intended to undermine the very institutions which make it uniquely individualist, capitalist, and libertarian.” The groups who are said to benefit most from these measures are painted as victims who need the state (run by the left) in order to succeed and survive. Anyone who would dare to suggest immigrants, women and gays are perfectly capable of succeeding on their own are accused of bigotry and trampling on minorities’ rights.

This is done because the left does not want people to embrace freedom and take personal responsibility – they want people to support collectivism. Collectivism happens to run against the pillars of Western civilization, against the culture of predominantly white countries. When the left opposes the West, it opposes white people by extension. With the shift of the political mainstream towards the left, the left itself has naturally shifted more towards its own extreme – as such it is not surprising that criticism of the culture has turned into outright hostility towards a people, based on their ethnicity. It may not be surprising, but it certainly is despicable – and hypocritical as well, coming from the people who pay the loudest lip service to equality, tolerance and anti-racism.

It is perhaps the ultimate cognitive dissonance that the left paints our culture – the culture which is more open, tolerant and inclusive towards minorities of all kinds than any other culture today or in history – as innately bigoted and racist. This skewed vision of reality is implanted in Westerners from an early age onward. A Norwegian study has shown that school books in the country portray Europeans overwhelmingly as abusers and oppressors, while non-white peoples are made out to be victims: “According to Høisæther, there is a pronounced difference in the way Western and Islamic history in the Middle Ages is portrayed. In general, there tends to be an overemphasis on the problematic aspects of Western history, as opposed to a prevalent omission of problematic aspects within Islamic history.”

This study of textbooks for high school and elementary school students describe “cruelty and greed” as typical European characteristics, further claiming that white, Christian Europeans were brutal and violent in their imperialism, while non-white peoples and Islam are painted as peaceful forces.

When the left attacks our history, our traditions and our customs, they are attacking us. Traditions are the lifeblood of a culture. A shared culture is what makes a group of people one. Culture and tradition tie us to our past, and offer a sense of cohension and unity in our societies. If they are removed, the result will be precisely that which Cultural Marxism wants: total disorder. An uprooted people, with no connections in past or present, no loyalties or sentiments towards their peers and their environment. Individuals, existing in a vacuum and filled with void. Until the void is filled by others, of course. In the case of the West as the left prefers it: anything non-Western.

If Western culture disappears, the world will be a little bit less diverse, but judging by today’s political reality, the left would celebrate it as a win for diversity. But it would displace white people, who are naturally at home in traditionally white, traditionally Western countries. Whether they would feel at home living under a different culture is not a question that appears to enter into the left-wing school of thought – moreover, if the question does come up it is dismissed as white supremacy. Under leftism, all people are entitled to a home, a culture, a group identity – except for white people.

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