The left’s rules are being used against them – and they are not liking it

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James Gunn and Dan Harmon are in hot water over years-old “jokes” and the entire left-wing / establishment support structure is screaming bloody murder over “right-wing political correctness”, McCarthyism and “weaponized morality”. Worse yet: “the alt-right have weaponized the left’s morality”, according to Waypoint reporter Patrick Klepek.

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The strange and disturbing theme in these establishment-approved jokes is pedophilia. James Gunn deleted thousands of tweets in which he probably jokingly referenced his preference for minors. Dan Harmon deleted his Twitter account when an old “comedy” video surfaced of him pretending to rape a baby (a doll). It seems Harmon’s fellow-Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland now has to answer for tweeting a drawing of President Trump about to molest his son Barron, with the child’s genitalia showing.

Just because I think something is not funny, doesn’t mean it wasn’t intended as a joke. I like dark, irreverent humor and would say that virtually nothing is off-limits. That last example is of a different nature – it is an unfounded personal attack with an underaged child dragged into it. There is no joke, no clever punchline, nothing to justify or balance out the crudeness of it. And it may be actually, and justifiably, illegal.

Even so, the left has set these rules and we are playing the game whether we want to or not. So we can either keep getting beat or we can strike back. And this is the right striking back. It’s making the left very nervous; they have been playing this game for decades and all their attacks have gone unanswered. And now, suddenly, they are not above the rules anymore. The rules that they decided on, and that they kept tightening precisely because they didn’t seem to apply to them anyway, suddenly don’t seem so fair anymore. And they don’t know how to respond to it.

When Patrick Klepek complained that [the right] “have weaponized the left’s morality”, all he is saying is It was cool when WE did it, but when they do it to us it’s mean. That simple sentence carries the left’s fathomless sense of self-satisfaction. It oozes the conviction that “we are always right”. “Anything we do, we do for a good cause”. “We are good, and they are evil” is their base assumption; it is the beginning and the end of their judgement of every event and every interaction. They are utterly blind to their own hypocrisy and seem to have completely forgotten the witch hunt against right-wingers, Trump supporters, TV hosts, celebrities, etc. for wrongthink, the cardinal sin in the eyes of the establishment.

But many in the middle, and many non-radical left-wingers are undoubtedly starting to see how untenable this is. It may be five years too late, it may be several decades too late – but it is a critical turning point. Crucially now, the right must keep hammering home the fact that this is just payback, a way of revealing the tactics that have been employed against the right all this time. Many on the left see that this cannot continue, but many of them don’t know that it was the left that started this, and that if they want this to stop, they’ll have to stop too.

For the right, I sincerely hope that we do not forget this is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. The right should not be in the business of ruining carreers or imposing taboos on society. These are tools to be used in the culture wars, and to be exchanged for freedom once the war is won. But until that day, the right must not shy back from using any of the dirty trick’s in the playbook of the left.


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