The Netherlands: Geert Wilders trial is Establishment v. Freedom

In an armored car, on my way to the extra secured “bunker” courtroom Schiphol. For asking a question about Moroccans. #FewerFewerFewer

~ Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders had to appear in court again yesterday to stand trial for asking a question during a campaign night in March 2014. The question he asked his audience in The Hague was “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?”, to which his followers chanted “Fewer, fewer, fewer”.

Wilders was convicted of discrimination and “group-offending”, but acquitted of spreading hate, but the court did not issue any punishment, which is a rather typically Dutch non-solution devised to make everybody happy, but instead making everybody angry. So, the prosecution appealed, demanding punishment, which means Wilders has to go back to court. This is an obviously political show-trial, but Wilders is playing his role very well. The tweet above, sent from his car on the way over to the courtroom, excellently unmasks the hypocrisy of the establishment for going after him so hard, while the credible death threats alone which are made against him continuously, are enough to prove his point about the role and place of Islam in Western societies. His closing argument during the first trial, last November is long, but definitely worth watching by anyone who cherishes their freedom of speech.

The establishment has bitten off more than it can chew in seeking a conviction of Geert Wilders. The Party For Freedom and the right-wing movement in The Netherlands have become to big to be banned. No conviction would be perceived a slap in the face to the immigrant, and specifically Muslim, community, but a conviction means putting an end to freedom of speech. If a politican cannot freely make a non-violent statement in the political arena, then where can a change in society be achieved?

The establishment has been exceptionally driven to build a case against Wilders: the public prosecutor’s office printed filled-out forms for people who would want to press charges. Police representatives have reportedly visited mosques, urging people to sign and submit the forms – including many people who later admitted they can’t read Dutch and thought they were voting, not pressing charges.

There are several examples of establishment politicans who (forced by the success of the anti-Islamic rhetoric of the late Pim Fortuyn and now Geert Wilders) have made similar, and arguably worse, blanket statements about Moroccans, but who have never been confronted with this kind of pressure.

Lastly, in their verdict, the judges stretched the definition of “racism” to include the term Moroccans. “The legal definition of the term “race” is much broader than the definition in everyday use of the word” – which is shocking because (1) usually legal definitions are a lot stricter than everyday-use definitions, and (2) the definition of the words “race” and “racism” in everyday use are already insanely broad. But the result is: the court sees no problem in defining nationality as race.

The establishment has had the right under control for decades, but now that the right is rising again, they are turning to ever more blatant methods of oppression to restore their power. They are trying to take our freedoms online, in the streets and in the voting booth. The right is gaining strength, but this is not the time to sit back. Now is the time to join the fight. The bigger we get, the harder the establishment will push back. The question is how far they will be willing to go, and how much it will take to shut us up. Time to answer these questions for yourselves and draw your conclusions.

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