The reality ignored by the left: ISIS sent 173 potential suicide bombers to Europe

Two days ago I wrote about an 8 year old girl’s story of her three years as an ISIS captive. While the most cruel ISIS members are known to be the “foreign fighters”, including those from Western countries, several Western goverments don’t block these enemies of the West from returning – to the contrary, they help them by supplying welfare checks and protected identities, and allow them to hide in the anonimity of a sea of islamic fundamentalists holed up in the West. The day after, we learned that Interpol has issued a report warning that there are (at least) 173 potential ISIS suicide terrorists “trained and ready to strike” in Europe.

As I wrote:

In the left’s dream world these people – who have spent time in Syria murdering, raping and torturing men, women and children – should be welcomed back into our midst. We should forget what we know about them, give them a second chance, and expect that all to work out. In their imagination, blinded by their naive ideology, that will work out. And this is morally right to them. Justice. Just not for their thousands of victims.

Interpol’s list is the reality to which the left is willfully turning a blind eye, and which our leaders refuse to deal with appropriately. As long as the establishment refuses to acknowledge the problematic nature of Islam’s role in our societies, we will not be safe from Islamic terrorists. As long as the establishment ignores the economic, social and cultural consequences of the mass migration they tolerate and stimulate, we will continue along the path towards the destruction of the West.

Unless the establishment itself is taken down in time.

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