The ‘Too Much Free Timers’ are upset about Seinfeld now

In many ways, not much has changed. Where once it was the right that took aim at comedy, today it is the left. In 1990 George HW Bush pandered to his conservative constituency by attacking the lack of traditional family values in the The Simpsons. Last year, the TMFTs pressured The Simpsons to remove its beloved Indian-American character, Apu, and issue grovelling mea culpas. They said Apu played up to stereotypes, even though many Indian viewers came out and said they loved the character.

The question of ‘where does it stop?’ is a non-sequitur. These cultural vandals have endless amounts of free time and the entire history of comedy to dig through.

Michael Scammell, Now the PC bores are coming for Seinfeld (Spiked Online)

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