The two fatal flaws lurking in American leftist politics

In an excellent (and politically neutral) article, Izzy Kalman supports Dr. Jordan Peterson in his mission to “free society from the excesses of political correctness”. He states that the left today is making two fatal flaws:

Fatal Flaw One: erasing the line between objective and subjective harm

[The left] has erased the boundary between objective and subjective harm. It treats offending people like it’s the ultimate act of evil. (…) A government cannot protect people from subjective harm because our feelings are not in its control. And when a government does treat acts of subjective harm as crimes, it makes everything worse. It increases both subjective harm and objective harm.

(Quotes appear in inverted order in the article)

Fatal Flaw Two: replacing might makes right with might makes wrong

Civilization cannot function by might makes right, or we would suffer from unrelenting tyranny and bloodshed. The most basic feature of a civilized society is a legal justice system. It replaces might makes right with justice makes right. (…) Weakness makes right is just as arbitrary and amoral as might makes right. (…) In today’s new order, we’re expected to feel guilty about our natural instinct for power and to see weakness and victimhood as virtues rather than stations in life to avoid. Imagine what would happen to sports if the way to win a game is to lose.

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