The UK doesn’t want us to know Tommy Robinson was arrested. Make sure everybody knows.

Tommy Robinson was arrested for livestreaming outside the courthouse in Leeds surrounding a trial against a Muslim grooming gang. This was somehow construed as a ‘breach of the peace’ and ‘contempt of the court’. For that latter charge he was convicted within half an hour. Apparently he was on probation from a previous sentence and will now have to sit out the remainder of that sentence, 13 months, in prison. An independent journalist. For reporting the news. Perhaps the scariest part: there is a UK-wide reportnig ban on sharing this story, leading to individuals on Twitter (like Caolan Robertson) and the bigger right-wing websites (Breitbart) to take down their reports on Robinson’s arrest.

Meanwhile, Russia Today had an article up for most of the day, ending with the remark that “according to latest reports, Robinson was released on bail”, even well after it became known that he had been taken straight to prison. The article is now down altogether.

The state doesn’t want Tommy Robinson to share the news that there are Muslim grooming gangs preying on young British girls.

The state doesn’t want you to know that they have silenced Tommy Robinson by locking him up.

As pointed out by several others: the state is willing to risk Tommy Robinson’s life by locking him up with the grooming gang members he helped get locked up.

Make no mistake: if the government had already succeeded in regulating the internet, we would not even know about Tommy Robinson being arrested. The free flow of information is a lifeline for the right. Preserve it!

The UK has given up freedom of speech in favor of political correctness.

The UK has given up freedom of the press in favor of political correctness.

The UK today reads like a bad novel. In the past months, the UK has locked up two political activists and an independent journalist, specifically for activism and journalism. The UK has deported two more political activists and two independent journalists, specifically for wrongthink (about multiculturalism).

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