There is no mainstream left anymore – The democrat party is on the verge of becoming a terrorist organization

I don’t like melodramatic exaggerations in politics, because they are misleading, they cheapen what is actually happening and because of the ‘boy who cried wolf’ effect (pretty much exactly what the left did by calling everybody to their right a racist). But I think it’s time now to acknowledge that voting for the Democrat Party basically amounts to supporting a terrorist organization these days. Their rhetoric has been openly violent and threatening for months now, we have seen attacks and harrasment, we have seen Republicans calling on the left to end the vicious cycle, but Democrat officials continue to double down – Hillary Clinton has said explicitly ‘Civility can start again when Democrats take the House and or the Senate’.

‘The violence will end once you give us our way.’

That doesn’t just sound like a mob, that sounds like THE mob.

In love with violence

These are not incidents. There are not a few rotten apples in the DNC basket. They are all in love with violence, it is now simply showing more than ever.

Trump death phantasies have become a trope in popular culture as if it has always been customary for public figures to talk about the head of state that way. People participating in it are not questioned by the mainstream media, they are not seriously challenged or criticized, because most mainstream journalists secretly (or not so secretly) love it. Pearl Jam, the New Yorker, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Kathy Griffin, but even members of Congress like Rep. Alcee Hastings have all shared their favorite ways of either killing the President of the United States or seeing him die.

Conservative activists, journalists and politicians have been harassed in public, at restaurants, at their homes. Republicans were shot at in an attack which Rep. Steve Scalise barely survived (and when Scalise called for an end to the escalating violent rhetoric, Martin Cizmar, editor at Raw Story, mocked him for it on Twitter).

The best definition of terrorism I have seen is: “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”. All of these things are in fact terrorism. If it had been anybody else, any other group, the mainstream media would have no hesitation calling it out as such. Instead, they don’t even want to describe the left’s violent hordes as a “mob”.

As the right erupted over this denial, NPR ran with the headline “Republicans Seize On ‘Angry Mob’ Mantra To Keep Their Midterm Base Fired Up” – still as if this is some far-fetched theory, instead of an everyday reality in which we see rabid left-wingers banging on the Supreme Court doors, intimidating people at their homes, following them around airports, and even taking over public streets and attacking anyone who does not comply.

Now we have, besides the President-that-never-was trying to extort Americans into voting Democrat again, the former Attorney General Eric Holder saying “When they go low, we kick them” – incidentally just a couple of days after a male pro-choice activist kicked a female pro-life activist with full force. Holder tried to backpedal in a follow-up tweet saying “Ok, stop the fake outrage. I’m obviously not advocating violence”, while the initial video already showed the chants of “Fight! Fight! Fight!” from the crowd, confirmed by Holder who then said “We’re willing to fight. We’re not just making a statement, we’re in this to win”. This could still be metaphorical fighting, but not in a world where Democrats are taking to the streets daily to actually, physically fight people for disagreeing with them.

Mitch McConnell pointed out that “only one side’s leaders have calling for more toxic fringe behavior”, Rand Paul has signalled that he is concerned “someone is going to get assassinated”, his wife Kelley has disclosed that, given their experiences over the past period, she now sleeps with a loaded gun by her bed.

But, like CNN and like NPR, the Washington Post wants us to believe that the left-wing menace is exaggerated or even imagined. As Tucker Carlson points out, “It’s one left-wing riot after another, but leftist leaders have decided the problem is you (…) It’s all in your head.”

Backed by the mainstream media, mainstream left politicians continue to double down on violent rhetoric. Senator Hirono defended the violence and intimidation tactics saying “This is what happens (…) when you look at white supremacists”

All they need to justify their behavior is a label. “Sure, we are attacking people, but the people we are attacking are racists.” As long as no one questions the label or why it is being applied, a lot of people will be fine with that idea. Except by now, too many people are beginning to realize that Hirono, Clinton, Holder and the rest of the Democrat Party and Democrat Media Complex will refer to them as racists too, if they get in the way of the Democrats’ claim to power. The left will not stop at Trump, Wilders, Orbán and Salvini. Just like they didn’t stop at Pim Fortuyn.

The “respectable” mainstream media are just a tabloid

But the media does not stop at portraying right-wing non-violence as violence, while ignoring the left’s actual violence. The mainstream media continue to surprise even their harshest critics with how low of a level they will stoop to. They are defending hysterical left-wing mobs, and mocking a survivor of an assassination attempt for wanting an end to the violence.

CNN ran a ‘hit piece’ on President Trump’s penis. This is not made up. A porn star talked to serious journalists about the President’s penis, and the serious journalists turned it into a story. And then:

CNN’s Don Lemon laughs along w/ a racist panel that does the following:

– Mocks Kanye’s intellect
– Calls Kanye a “token negro”
– Demeans Kanye’s mental health issues
– Calls Kanye an “attention whore”

Meanwhile, Brooke Baldwin gets upset at people who use the word “mob”

Mike Cernovich rightfully points out:

We live in “outrage culture” where one joke gets you caught up, this is NOT one of those cases. This is probably the nastiest segment to air on mainstream media in years.

The Romans used to say: Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi. “What is permissible for Jove is not permissible for a bull”. This applies to the left more than it ever has to anything ever.

But they were not done, because ever after that Don Lemon dragged Kanye West’s deceased mother into the political arena:

In case you still had any doubt: the left is terrified of Kanye West.

The “respectable” MSM are just a tabloid. Their civility was always just a thin veneer that disappeared the moment they stopped getting their way.

‘Believe women – No, not those women’

The Kavanaugh confirmation circus has opened a lot of eyes. It was a political ploy that has backfired on the Democrats dramatically. We will probably never know to what extent Christine Blasey Ford willingly became a pawn in Democrat politics (and Democrats seem to have pretty much forgotten about her already now that she has served her purpose). Democrat strategists must have underestimated how many Americans would recognize the witch hunt they had unleashed.

But it was never about women, or protecting women from male aggression. How many Democrat supporters have you seen speaking up against Kavanaugh, versus how many have spoken up against Keith Ellison (also known for his support for Antifa violence)? Why was no evidence required to condemn Kavanaugh, while the Ellison case is being carefully weighed and is largely taking place outside of the public eye?

How is it that when Kaitlin Bennett was shoved and then threatened with rape received no support from any of the women at the left-wing protest she was reporting on? Several women flat-out denied any of what Bennett said happened was true, and Bennett has video evidence. Does not matter to the left, because it is not about women, it is not about victims. It is about power.

Last night at the Trump rally in PA, a liberal protester touched me against my consent and said he’d throw me on the ground and rape me. Feminists around him, who say we’re supposed to believe women, defended him and denied it happened. This is what the left has come to. #MeToo

Holy war

Of course, the mainstream media’s hysteria over the right knows no bounds. NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch reminded us of the NRA promotional video stating they would fact-check the media (with the “clenched fist of truth”) which was spun as “violent rhetoric”, comparing that to just some of the things the left gets away with:

Saying you’ll fact-check the media is spun as “violent rhetoric,” but it’s perfectly OK to call for bullying people in the streets (Maxine), increased incivility unless you have power (Hillary), or saying you’ll kick your opponents as Holder does here

I recently wrote about the Dutch intelligence service, which is now calling non-violent ‘anti-islamic sentiment’ right-wing extremism, mostly to keep stoking fears of fascism and nazism. Dutch right-wing pundit Sietske Bergsma points out another paragraph from that report in which the intelligence agency states: “Right-wing extremists are not afraid to provoke (non-violently), and left-wing extremists do not shy away from violence in response. We are expecting more of this in the future”. Bergsma notes:

At the heart of the freedom that the left is granted (in The Netherlands, in Germany, and very clearly right now in the US) to use violence, intimidation and censorship, is the assumption that the right is “provoking”. And just like that, the left is never to blame.

Studies show that the left is more willing to use violence than the right, and moreover, that the mainstream left condones or even celebrates violence on their side – while on the right, the mainstream explicitly eschews and denounces violence. Let us never forget the left’s pre-election predictions, which anyone who has paying attention to politics over the past decades knew were wrong – that “if Trump wins, Hillary supporters will be sad. If Hillary wins, Trump supporters will be angry.” Has anyone ever been more wrong?

This is like a holy war for the left. They are convinced that they are right and everybody else is wrong, and their religious devotion to their ideology leaves them utterly blind to their own flaws. I have barely heard anyone of any relevance on the left calling for de-escalation, but a lot of them are saying the left needs to get even “tougher”. Besides DNC officials, the Democrat Media Complex is publishing calls to ramp up the violence. A reader’s letter published by the NY Times says Democrats have been “too high-minded” and it seems like “the Democrats have been bringing a harmonica to a knife fight”. Politico published an article saying it is “time to get mad” and that “Democrats Fear They’re the Wet Rag Party”.

I would ask when the left’s thirst for blood will finally be quenched, but Hillary Clinton already answered that question for us: when they are back in power.

Words are violence, but violence is not violence

The Democrat Part is exemplary for the mainstream left in the West. US politics are an enlarged version of what is happening in other Western countries as well. The exact same vitriol that we are seeing in the US now, was exposed in the left in The Netherlands with the rise of Pim Fortuyn. We are seeing it in the EU, directed at Matteo Salvini. We are seeing it in France, directed at Marine Le Pen. It is exposed every time the left’s hegemony is challenged.

For decades the left has silently embraced the violence of its extremists, but the American left is now openly accepting violence as a political strategy. This is coming from the same side of the political spectrum that has been telling us that “words are violence”. But now, storming a building isn’t? Disrupting the democratic process isn’t? Stealing hats, signs and flags? Physically attacking people for disagreeing with you isn’t violence?

Their automatic unthinking justification for their behavior is that they are fighting “hate”. They call us hateful so that they don’t have to talk to us to find out why we feel the way we feel (which is how they could find out that what we feel is not “hate” at all) and it is self-affirming to their own grandiosity. This is why it is proving so difficult for them to hit the brakes and look for a different approach. You don’t back down in the face of “hate”, and so the left has become everything it is supposedly opposes. It’s ironic that the mainstream keeps referring to the right as a movement of “angry old white men”. Who are the angry ones here, really?

President Trump has exposed the true face of the left for all to see; after decades of Republicans rolling over to appease the left, the left no longer knows how to deal with a political opponent who does not back down in the face of their slurs, gossip and allegations. Almost two years of non-stop negative media coverage and millions of tax payer dollars spent on investigations have not managed to put a dent in President Trump’s popularity among his base. Partly because they have nothing of any substance to attack him on, and partly because we know the alternative now. And that is: either kneel down before the Democrats, or be kicked down by the Democrats. Democrats fight, and for once, we have a Republican in the White House who fights back.



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