8 y/o former ISIS captive shows the cruelty of ISIS fighters returning to Europe

Dutch journalist Harald Doornbos reports from Syria right after speaking to an 8 year old Yazidi girl who had just been freed from her ISIS captors. A jarring reminder of the kind of things ISIS gets up to. People capable of inflicting such pain on a child are welcomed back into western societies by governments in The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Canada and others – not only allowed to live freely, but often with government support.

I could cry. I just met a terrified 8 year old Yazidi girl here in Syria who has been abused as a slave for the past three years. She was freed just three days ago by Kurds in Raqqa. The girl was still so afraid of men, black clothes, Toyota Hilux. This is terrible.

Her little brother is still working somewhere in Raqqa as a slave for ISIS. Her mother has also been sold as a slave. Her father is in Iraq. What animals these foreign fighters in Syria are.

Many foreign ISIS fighters own slaves here in Syria. It is completely institutionalized. Children and women are traded over Whatsapp.

I took photos of the girl, but I won’t publish them for now. It’s all too fragile. She has been in contact with her father now, and she will be brought to him in Iraq by Syrian Kurds.

As an ISIS slave she was given a new Islamic name. After three years she had almost forgotten her real, Kurdish name, one Kurdish fighter told me.

You can bet that these kinds of ISIS fighters will be on talk shows on our public broadcasting channels soon. They will stay quiet about the atrocities they have committed and then complain about not getting a second chance in The Netherlands. Evidence of individual crimes perpetrated by returning ISIS fighters is a huge problem. There are no independent observers in ISIS territory. Unless an ISIS member shares a video online of himself gunning down half a village, Dutch (European) judges will always say there is no evidence.

Going to Syria for jihad is in itself not against the law. There have been no serious punishments so far for convicted ISIS fighters who came back.

According to eye witness accounts from surviving ex-captives, ISIS’ foreign fighters are more violent towards hostages than local ISIS members. The most cruel members of one of the most cruel terrorist organizations in the world are returning home, and still our “leaders” cannot be trusted to take appropriate action: in Belgium (once famous for chocolate, beer and fries, but now mostly for its terrorist hotspots like Molenbeek), authorities are aware of at least 16 returning ISIS fighters who are receiving monthly welfare checks. Sweden helps returning ISIS fighters to “re-integrate into society” by giving them protected identities. UK security forces cannot cope with the 23,000 terrorism suspects in the country (400 of whom have fought in Syria), leaving them vulnerable to terrorist attacks as we have sadly seen in the past months.

In the left’s dream world these people – who have spent time in Syria murdering, raping and torturing men, women and children – should be welcomed back into our midst. We should forget what we know about them, give them a second chance, and expect that all to work out. In their imagination, blinded by their naive ideology, that will work out. And this is morally right to them. Justice. Just not for their thousands of victims.

It seems that only France has learned its lesson, albeit only after islamic terror attacks have claimed hundreds of lives: French special forces have allegedly helped the Iraqi army to take out 30 French nationals fighting for ISIS.

Several days after his encounter, Doornbos did share this photo of the girl: