Turkish election result shows the gradual colonization of Europe

Turkish national elections on last Sunday (24 June) drew massive crowds to the streets in celebration in many European cities. While Erdogan won the elections with around 52% of the votes, Turks living in Europe voted for him in far larger numbers: around 72% in The Netherlands, 65% in Germany. The Turkish-nationalist celebrations in European countries, as well as the overwhelming number of votes for the Islamist regime of Erdogan are an undeniable illustration of the failure of integration and multiculturalism.

During the voting period (several days) yellow, multilingual traffic signs were put in place to guide voters to the voting booths. In The Netherlands, Turkish voters turned out in record numbers.

The Turkish government wields power over Turkish communities in Europe through a network of state-funded (“Diyanet”) mosques and state TV channels. Geert Wilders did not mince words on Twitter:

Total invasion

Turks celebrating the islamofascism of Erdogan here.

No integration, but colonization

Several prominent Dutch writers of Turkish descent who did integrate successfully observed with dread the attachment many Turks clearly still feel to Turkey – and their enthusiasm about keeping an authoritarian into power without suffering the consequences for that choice themselves.

Yesim Candan:

It was a total invasion, a total takeover. (…) I was stunned. There was a lot of police. Hindrance. Traffic was in complete disarray.” (…) I thought to myself: ‘Wow, we live here, and all this is about a different country. And the youths, who were born here, were overrepresented.

A collection of footage of masses chanting Allahu Akbar, showing Turkish-nationalist ‘Gray Wolves’ hand signs and honking horns and waving flags in several cities in The Netherlands. These are not people who feel any connection to their host country. These are not people who add to the social fabric in the West. They are opportunists at best, and a Fifth Column at worst.




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