Twitter bias confirmed once again by Raheem Kassam suspension

The popular Imam Tawhidi, known for his rarely seen honest insights into radical islam, recently uncovered a ‘Most Wanted’ list which far left activists keep to get conservative accounts suspended from Twitter. Imam Tawhidi, who is not a political voice or right-winger at all, but simply doesn’t subscribe to the left’s politically correct ideas about their precious religion of peace (which Tawhidi is actually in and has studied extensively, but the left cares more about their ideology and feelings than reality and facts).

Last week we got to see the way the list works in practice when Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam (also on the list) was suspended for a week. The leftists attack their target, wait for the target to counter and then when that happens they mass-report the account, forcing a response from Twitter. Twitter’s inherent eagerness to silence the right does the rest.

Breitbart has a more detailed of the exchange that led to Kassam getting suspended, which makes it clear that the baiting from the left might just as well have been dealt with (and would have if the roles of left and right had been reversed – which is close to how Milo got his permanent ban from Twitter in 2016).

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