Twitter Germany censors democratically elected politician

After blocking individual tweets from a democratically elected politician from another country (Geert Wilders), German Twitter has now targeted AfD leader Beatrix von Storch. Since New Year’s Eve, Von Storch has been unable to tweet, leaving her without the use of one of the biggest and most direct ways of interacting with one’s followers and the general public.

It comes as no surprise that the new anti-“hate speech” laws are used as political weapons rather than instruments of (perceived) decency (or however else they were intended), but German censorship is starting to approach Chinese proportions.

Von Storch was suspended from Twitter after she replied to a new year’s message from the Cologne police deparment in Arabic (aside from the usual Germanm English and French. She wrote: “Are you trying to appease the savage, Muslim, gang-raping, hordes of men?”

But Twitter Germany does not want you to get to know non-mainstream viewpoints. Just like Facebook, they are trying hard to purge the platform of the bulk of right-wing posts, which underlines why Paul Nehlen’s suggested #ShallNotCensor legislation could be valuable to the right (although ideally the censorship issue on social media would be handled by the free market in stead), if only to level the playing field..


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