UK and The Netherlands: Muslim grooming gangs targeting white girls

18 people were jailed in Newcastle, England, for “grooming” and sexual exploitation of minors. 700 victims were identified, while according to the most depressing estimates there could be a total of one million child victims of sex abuse gangs across the UK. A review of the case has come up with 33 recommendations for government, including a call to research cultural factors, as many of the abusers in this case were from a “predominantly Asian or British Minority Ethnic culture or background”, which is PC newspeak for “mostly Muslims” – as is confirmed by the BBC article which specifies the abusers as coming from a Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian or Turkish background.

In The Netherlands, a research team has been active for a year now, locating and identifying grooming gangs and their victims. They have handed 53 files over to police so far; there have been no convictions yet, but police investigations are ongoing and a number of underaged victims have been freed from the clutches of grooming gangs (and individuals).

The team’s findings are equally interesting: many of the victims are girls younger than 15, most of the ‘groomers’ are under 30. Hardly any of the perpetrators are native Dutch, most of them are Moroccan, Turkish, Antillian or Roma (Gypsies). All of them already have a criminal background, but find that exploitation of minors is “safer” for them. They work together in international groups, just like drug traffickers do. The team has come across a young victim who was forced to “deal” with twenty customers a day. “She was raped twenty times a day. She is utterly devastated”, the team leader commented.

An older article (from 2001) already painted a similar picture: there are no official statistics concerning sex abuse cases involving minors in The Netherlands, but a juvenile court judge says during the interview that there are several dozens of cases per year (the article is unclear on whether that is in the judge’s Rotterdam area alone, or nation-wide). She added that the average age of both victims and perpetrators were going down; an example comes up of an 11 year-old suspect believed to be involved in a gang rape.

The interviewees in this article, too, point out that Moroccans are hugely overrepresented. And that it is very rare for native Dutch men or boys to be involved in gang rapes. Native Dutch rapists are “solo” perpetrators, usually unpopular boys, and many of them have been abused themselves in the past. A totally different profile, the judge points out: “Antillian, Surinamese and Cape Verdian perpetrators are much more often macho types, who think gang rape is ‘cool’.” A lot of them show a complete lack of empathy, and don’t consider the feelings of their victims: “When a judge asks them if they are sorry, it takes a long time for them to understand what that means. Then they finally say they are sorry. Sorry that were caught.”

Their victims are overwhelmingly native Dutch girls. The abusers see them as “easy”, especially compared to girls from their own communities.

There can be no doubt that this is a culturally related problem. This is a problem that occurs across Western Europe, it is a manifestation of the clash of cultures. It is a direct result of mass immigration and the establishment’s refusal to have immigrants assimilate into our societies. The victims in these harrowing cases are young girls who have been sacrificed on the altar of leftists ideology, and multiculturalism in particular.

Never let them live this down.

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