UK: Muslim child rape gangs received millions in legal aid

Seven suspects from the Telford grooming gang, standing trial for rape and murder (among other charges), have received a combined $ 3.5 million (2.5 million Pounds) in legal aid.

The UK has seen many grooming scandals revolving around gangs of Muslim men abusing, prostituting, gang raping and in some cases murdering underaged girls, mostly white or at least non-Muslims (the Sikh community has been targeted as well). The recently uncovered case in Telford may be the worst of them: police have identified around 200 suspects and they are estimated to have made up to 1,000 victims.

The Mirror quotes one the men’s shocked victims saying: “I’m shocked to hear so much public money helped these men. It begs the question what could £3 million do for survivors. Many of us have needed extensive, specialist therapy.”

Previously, members of the Rochdale grooming gang received almost $ 1.5 million (1 million Pounds) for their criminal defense and then were handed even more of the British tax payers’ money to fight deportation.

If our civilization were a person, it would be on suicide watch.



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