UK: Pensioner can’t go back home after it is turned into shrine for dead burglar

In the UK, a 78 year-old is banned from going back to his own home for his safety after having fought off two burglars, killing one in the melee. Family members of career criminal (well, ex-career criminal) Henry Vincent have turned the fence around the pensioner’s home into a shrine with flowers and cards.

The victim, Richard Osborn-Brooks, has been in custody on suspicion of murder but has been released and, in a surprisingly sensible decision will not have to face charges. Nevertheless, this is a senior citizen who did what he had to do to defend himself and survive a very threatening situation. Who went through a traumatizing ordeal and was then criminalized and left in uncertainty. And now he cannot even go back to his own home, because that would be unsafe.

It is yet another example of the left’s poisonous ideology, celebrating the decline of western civilization, and pushing the destruction of everything which once counted as normal. So many in the establishment stand up for deviance and lawlessness. Who will stand up for regular people?

Mr. Osborn-Brooks’ neighbors are angry at the obvious disdain for the victim’s wellbeing and recovery, and some have torn down the ill-conceived shrine during the night. I understand it sucks if your father is a criminal who spends his time robbing people, but if he dies in the process, don’t claim the house of people who were victimized him as a place of mourning. Make a shrine in your own house, where he should have stayed at the time and where he likely would not have died if he did.

Henry Vincent was stabbed with a screwdriver during the struggle and later collapsed from his wounds. So expect the British government to ban screwdrivers soon. Hats off to Mr. Osborn-Brooks, the world could use more heroes like him.

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