UK: plane travelers block gang rapist’s deportation, victim in shock

Last year in Sweden, a left-wing activist prevented the deportation of an illegal immigrant by refusing to sit down in the airplane – delaying the flight, and the man’s deportation. A great win for the left; laws still don’t apply to them, ‘no person is illegal’ and the whole world should come to Europe and we should give the whole world all of our money and not demand anything in return and all that. Too bad for activist Elin Ersson, the man turned out to have been a wife beater. And prosecutors did seek jail time for Miss Ersson, although she got away with just a fine in the end.

A similar incident occured in Britain, when plane passengers stopped the deportation of convicted gang rapist Yaqub Ahmed. The Daily Mail interview his victim, who was 16 when it happened in 2007, and who asks the leftist ‘do-gooders’: How could you defend a rapist? How could you intervene? He was in handcuffs, he was being taken out of the country… who are you people to interfere with justice?

Face it, left-wingers: it takes a lot to actually get physically deported from Europe as an illegal immigrant. When authorities are putting illegals on planes, maybe try to find out first why that is. This does mean you wil have to set aside your selfrighteousness and get down from your high horse to face reality for a moment. I am not holding my breath.

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