UK: Rapper and University of Cambridge offer a blacks-only scholarship

Kipper Central reports from the UK:

Grime rapper Stormzy has caused controversy after launching a black-only Cambridge scholarship scheme which will pay for four talented black students to go to one of the world’s most prestigious universities. The scheme, which bans all white students from applying, has sparked outrage online with many describing it as “racist” because of its black-only policy.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, the 25-year-old artist said: “If you’re academically brilliant don’t think because you come from a certain community that studying at one of the highest education institutions in the world isn’t possible.” Of course, what he failed to point out is that he is not selecting students based on their community; he is selecting them based on their skin colour.

They further detail that the scholarship amounts to 18,000 Pounds per year and that the University is a partner in the offer.

Now, this Mr Stormzy is free to spend his own money exactly how he sees fit. The University of Cambridge is a public institution, and as such should not be free to discriminate. But even Stormzy’s freedom to discriminate, as a private person, is dubious at least. It does not fit in the current culture of zero tolerance against discrimination (against pretty much anybody but white men). A white entertainer could not make a similar gesture exclusively towards whites without an unimaginable public backlash. In an age where activists (in the US that is) are making a point of forcing a Christian baker to bake cakes he does not want to bake – ostensibly to drive him out of business with mounting legal costs and time spent in the courts in stead of the kitchen – it is hypocritical to allow some groups to discriminate, while attacking others for the same thing (or far less). But as I’ve written before:

Tolerance is complicated(!)


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