UK: right-wingers deported for ‘attempted speech’, left-wingers not investigated for violent attack

For this week’s example of the institutionalized oppression of the right, we go to the UK, where two right-wingers were detained and then deported apparently for ‘attempted speech’, while the police flat-out refuse to even investigate a violent attack on Tommy Robinson by six left-wing extremists.

On Friday, American journalist Brittany Pettibone and her Austrian boyfriend, Génération Identitaire activist Martin Sellner were detained at the airport immediately after arriving in the UK on Friday, then moved to a London prison and deported on Sunday. Sellner was supposed to speak at an event, Pettibone was planning to interview Tommy Robinson. The reason for their arrest reportedly amounts to a fear that Sellner’s speech would ’cause tension among local communities’.

A day later, Tommy Robinson and his camera man and camera woman were attacked on the streets of London by six masked left-wing extremists. Robinson’s video shows them fighting off the Antifa terrorists and later confronting nearby police about their inaction. The predictable MSM headlines meticulously omit placing the responsibility for the attack with the attackers, and the police refuse to investigate the incident. It’s a good thing we have /pol/.

Let’s not forget that the six leftists also physically attacked camera woman Lucy Brown. Remember when Antifa member Emily Rose Marshall (you may remember her as Moldilocks) was punched in the face? She was trotted around mainstream media outlets as the victim, while she was on the side of the aggressors, and she herself came with the intention to use violence in order to strip fellow-citizens of their fundamental rights to free speech and free assembly. Tommy Robinson and Lucy Brown did not attack anybody. They did not break any laws. Where are their champions, their defenders in the mainstream?

Right-wingers in the UK can be certain: your government will not protect you. Your government will not defend your democratic rights. Your government will persecute you whenever they can, and will take away your rights when they see fit. Their MSM henchmen will help them contain any potential outrage.

Sometimes I wonder how (and why) we stay so civilized. If government would treat the left this way, or immigrants, they would have had a civil war on their hands by now.

We must change the culture, we must change the governments. Speak up. Fight back.

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