UK: straight white men barred from Young Labour event

Sorry, all you straight, white men in the UK who were looking forward to attending Young Labour’s Equalities Conference: you can’t come. Luckily for the left, they came up with the rules for the discrimination game themselves, so it’s fine to unabashedly discriminate against people the left doesn’t like. It’s a perfectly logical part of the world today that the Labour Party’s youth wing can organize an event and openly state that:

To be eligible you must:


  • Self-define into one of more of the following groups:
    • BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic)
    • Disabled
    • LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Trans)
    • Women

I guess “self-define” is a loophole here for all the Queer, Intersex and Asexual people from the “LGBTQIA” spectrum who are apparently not welcome either. I’ve come to understand there is a K for Kink in there somewhere now, but Young Labour is not having any of whoever they are either, it seems. Unless they say they feel a bit Bi that day.¬†It is not yet known when Young Labour’s “Whites Only” event will take place.

Last month, the “grown-up” Labour (oxymoron) did something similar, by offering a 10 pound “BAME” discount, which conservatives rightly translated into a 10 pound “racial surcharge”.¬†Discrimination is the new equality.

But I wonder: how long would it take a right wing extremist organization to get banned for racism if they did the exact same thing but reversed?


Source: The Old Continent

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