UK thought police: ‘Conservatives’ ditch Mayor of Wokingham for wrongthink

The UK thought police is not slowing down yet. Mayor of Wokingham, Peter Lucey, was forced to step down by his own ‘Conservative’ Party after “a member of the public” complained to Wokingham Conservatives about Lucey ‘liking’ right-wing pages on Facebook, like a Geert Wilders fanpage, The Gatestone Institute and Raheem Kassam’s page.

Lucey is quoted in The Times as saying:

Some past social media posts came to light and those are not appropriate for the town mayor. I resigned for that reason and I fully apologise. I would like to apologise to the people of Wokingham and to my party.

For decades, the right has been allowing the left to dictate which parts of being right-wing are acceptable, and it should come as no surprise that that amounts to not being very right-wing at all. Under this pressure, the mainstream right has shifted past the center into the left of the political spectrum: supporting big government, immigration, high taxation, overregulation and multiculturalism.

Wokingham Conservatives, including I’m afraid Mr Lucey, have learned nothing from Donald Trump’s election victory. For any critical viewer who wasn’t aware before then, it should have become clear in the past 18 months that the mainstream left is far more extreme than the right. There is no shame in being right-wing, there is no shame in opposing Islam, the left has no moral high ground, and certainly the left does not get to decide what constitutes acceptable behavior for right-wingers.

Mr Lucey is at fault for bowing to unfounded pressure. But those who applied that pressure, most notably one Andy Croy, who called for Lucey to resign in a letter to a local newspaper, are the ones who give the left the power to divide and conquer the right. They are alienating right-wingers from the established right-wing (in name) political platforms. The political mainstream leans left or very slightly less to the left; the establishment right is not for right-wingers.

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