University apologizes for mentioning that snow is white

If someone would have told you ten years ago, before the start of the new wave of political correctness, that a university would be apologizing for mentioning that snow is white, surely you would have lauged in disbelief. But that is where we are now, in 2017.

A year ago, people were begging for 2016 to end because of all the celebrity deaths. I think I have reached the end of my patience with 2017. There is no doubt that political correctness will die down again, and one day we will all laugh heartily about the idiots who seriously think that whiteness is some sort of “thing that must not be named”. But I do wonder how much further it will go before it ends.

The good news is: racism is over! It doesn’t exist anymore. There is no other explanation. If this is how hard the anti-racists have to look to even find racism – if this is what they get angry about, then there cannot possibly be anything going on that is actually racist which actually victimizes people.


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