Video: left-wingers try to discuss grooming gangs

Russell Brand and Deeyah Khan discuss grooming gangs and agree they should be honest about the ‘dark side of multiculturalism’. At the same time they can’t stop themselves from constantly calling critics of multiculturalism “the extreme right”. It’s nice that you’re trying, guys, but the left has created this mess, then ignored it and you are not going to make it all right now by carefully admitting the industrialized rape of thousands of British girls was wrong. If you want to be honest, actually be honest and say multiculturalism is such a mess that one does not have to be extremist or racist to oppose it.

The two actually give themselves away with one fundamental thinking flaw, saying all kinds of different people were “shoved together” on an island, and now they have to “make it work”. No, all these cultures and peoples were not ‘shoved’ onto an island. Many migrated there, and they should assimilate instead of demanding privileges. There is no having to “make it work”. The UK worked fine, that’s why all those people moved there.

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