Belgium: state benefits for returning Jihadi’s

Belgium is attempting to get back more than 100,000 euros that has been paid in welfare, child benefits and such to jihadis after their return from Syria. If it can be proven that the ISIS-fighters have committed crimes in Syria, they are not eligible for these handouts. The question is of course, if this can be proven by the state of Belgium.

117 ISIS recruits have returned to Belgium from the warzone in Syria. 19 of them have received welfare in the past 6 months. “They met all the demands: they are not in jail, they are available on the job market, they answer our calls, et cetera,” according to a spokesperson. Which is a perfect illustration of how legislation annihilates common sense.

Another 20 people are being investigated, out of a total of over 600 people in the ‘foreign terrorist fighters’ database. So apparently, Belgium has this database, but are not going to arrest anybody until innocent people are killed again. While I do not support indefinite detention, it is time for Western governments that we are at war, even if it is not in the traditional sense. If there are valid reasons to consider people enemies it should be possible to take them as prisoners of war, even if they live here.

(Source, in Dutch / Flemish)

(Article added on Feb 6 2017)



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