Whistleblower confirms: Geert Wilders ‘hate speech’ trial was politically motivated

The Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice has finally admitted that former Minister Ivo Opstelten has applied political pressure to prosecute Geert Wilders for ‘hate speech’. Wilders’ legal defense team has said that a whistle blower has told them then-Minister Opstelten ordered the Public Prosecutor to go after Wilders because he was ‘getting in our way too much’, confirming that the prosecution of Geert Wilders was a political show trial rather than a quest for justice to be done.

The whistle blower is remaining anonymous, but his identity was confirmed through a neutral notary. Two weeks from now, the appeal for the trial will start. Initially, Wilders was convicted for ‘inciting hatred’, but no punishment was issued.

Until now, the Ministry of Safety and Justice has denied that political pressure was applied in the course of the trial. These recent developments confirm that the establishment is willing to use the entire justice system to enforce its ideals and muzzle political opposition.

Using the judiciary branch to combat the leader of the political opposition is a flagrant violation of the separation of powers – something we associate with ‘banana republics’ and corrupt states, but we all like to imagine that such things would not take place in our midst. It does. This is the aphex of the #1 political trial in The Netherlands in the past centuries – the elite is shamed and should be consigned to universal condemnation. The only way to get out of this is through massive, if not universal, support from the societal institutions.

It’s too bad that that is exactly what the establishment is getting.

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