Why the feel-good vote is a left-wing vote. And why that’s wrong.

Voting left-wing is generally associated with a sort of feel-good vibe. It makes people (well, uniformed people) feel like they are voting for “World peace”. “No more poverty”. “Saving the environment”. “Welcoming in people in need”. “Everybody being sweet to everybody”. And the left is good at coming up with catchy slogans. It’s too bad they don’t seem to have any energy left to pay attention to what comes after the punchlines.

The left doesn’t like to think about the real world consequences of the plans that they dream up. Open borders, minimum wage hikes, oil pipelines… Each and every time it is up to us on the right to be the bearers of bad news. In all major political issues it is the shortsighted left offering a fairytale vision of the whole world coming together as one, living in multicultural peace (but monocultural outside of the west of course), using no more fossil fuels (but still magically all having smart phones obviously), and the government providing money, jobs and healthcare for everyone who needs it (without mentioning that it will be someone else picking up the tab, since government doesn’t actually have any money without taking it from others).

Thus, naturally, right-wingers are easily perceived and portrayed as negative, cold-hearted and egotistical. After all, one of the left’s favorite tactics is to say that if you disagree with their solution, you must not care about the problem. Of course I want a clean environment. But I think there’s a better way of doing it than destroying the economy. “Oh, so you want to kill the planet and everything on it.

Of course I care about people fleeing from war zones. I just don’t thinking opening our borders to the entire world without knowing who comes in or asking anything in return is the best solution. “Oh, you must not like brown people.

The boy who cried “Racist!”

The left’s march through the institutions has been spectacularly effective. We’ve been caught in a vicious cycle for decades: the left has taken charge of the media, arts and entertainment, politics, education, the justice system – and it has been using these institutions to indoctrinate the masses. The left decides which points of view are lauded and which are castigated. And then the left decides who gets to decide (hint: other leftists).

Since they own the platforms, the left decides the talking points. Leftist TV hosts allow leftist politicians to present their plans, then there will be a couple of leftist celebrities to mindlessly applaud whatever the issue du jour is, and if we’re lucky enough for there to be someone from the right as well, they can only offer a rebuttal to what has already been presented as the Objectively True, Morally Correct way of thinking.

Mind you, the vast majority of the population is not, like you, reading articles like this one – imagine the number of uncritical minds being bombarded by left-wing propaganda in the same way you have. Imagine, or think back if you are one of us, how much one has to overcome to start voting right-wing: the ridicule, the (self) censorship, the judgment, the isolation from the mainstream culture. Imagine how small a percentage of the general population would be willing to see that through to end. And now, realize how many people have made this journey anyway.

Because of two things: the one institution which the left does not control is the internet. And reality is not on their side.

Sure, the left has Facebook, Twitter and Google. And that makes them very powerful. But still, the right dominates online. The establishment’s monopoly on the flow of information ends online. We can check the facts ourselves. When the media report that 14 people have been arrested at an anti-islam rally in The Netherlands, we can look up for ourselves that all 14 suspects are in fact far left Antifa thugs.

When a girl gets punched in the face at a right wing protest, they can make her look like a victim. But we can all see that she, too, was an Antifa terrorist, who was at the scene specifically to violently strip innocent people of their rights to free speech and free assembly.

The internet is a rude awakening for the left. Reality is spreading further and faster than ever before, and that does not bode well for them. Crying “fake news” is the new “racist” – a weak ad hominem attack intended to disqualify someone from participating in political discourse without having to address to the content of what they have to say (or defending the substance of your own ideas). The left is truly “the boy who cried racist” – hardly anyone takes it seriously anymore, which will suck should they ever actually encounter a real racist.

The right has had some amazing election results in 2017. Both Wilders in The Netherlands and Le Pen in France saw massive gains, but they did not win. What happened next? Polite concession speeches, congratulations for the winners, no blood or violence in the streets, no calls for do-overs or recounts. What happened after Trump won in the US? What happened after the Brexit vote in the UK?

And yet the image persists of the right as a threat to justice and democracy.

Feel-good visions and real-world consequences

With so much information freely available, it is simply astounding that this idea of the left as the feel-good option still survives. The shortsighted left ignores long-term consequences and twists the truth to fit their ideology. So let’s help the people out a bit. What are some of the direct consequences of the left’s feel-good policies of tolerance and appeasement?

A Turkish man was acquitted of rape charges in Germany, because although the judge believed that the victim did indeed beg the man to stop, scream, and scratch him – he could because of his Turkish background apparently not be expected to understand that she wanted him to stop. So it was OK that he threw her on the bed, pushed her head between the metal bars of the bed and continued to abuse her for four hours in such a way that the victim was not able to walk properly for the next two weeks. Tolerance!

A Dutch girl was raped and almost murdered in the town of Kampen by an immigrant from Sudan. And still, the town’s mayor refused to instate a curfew for asylum seekers, because clearly protecting Dutch citizens is not important if it slightly inconveniences the hordes of immigrants the estbalishment has invited into our midst without knowing who they are or what they want.

Three migrants (although one of them, Emil Khodagholi, is described as a Swedish citizen in the mainstream media) gang raped a Swedish woman and streamed the attack live via Facebook. One of them was sentenced to just 2 years and four months in jail, another to one year, and the last no more than six months. Of course, Sweden in particular has an impressive track record of feel-good lefty tolerance towards migrant rapists: in February this year a man was sentenced to two months in jail (no, you read that right) for raping two underage girls. And you’ll understand that none of these sexual predators will be deported after they have done their incomprehensibly short amount of time.

Almost 500 women and girls from six different German cities fell victim to large scale, seemingly coordinated, sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve 2015-2016. More than 2,000 Arab / North-African men were involved in the attacks, called taharrush in Arabic. Only four have been convicted.

Dozens of women and girls were sexually assaulted at the We Are Stockholm music festival in Sweden in 2016. It turned out that there had been multiple sexual assaults during the two previous editions of the same festival as well, perpetrated by Afghan immigrants. The assaults in 2014 and 2015 were kept quiet as the authorities feared that telling the people facts might benefit the right wing Sverigedemokraterna party, which sent the 50+ victims of 2016 unknowingly into the hands of their grateful attackers. It must suck for the left that reality is so racist.

A gay couple was brutally attacked at night by a group of Moroccans. The attackers used bolt cutters, and one of the victim lost several teeth. The suspects were around 14-16 years old, started verbally harassing the victims, apparently because they were walking hand in hand after which the encounter quickly escalated into what could easily be considered attempted murder. The attackers’ lawyer later insisted that the gay couple initiated the attack, because of course a gay couple would attack a group of six to eight immigrants who are out at night with bolt cutters. It is unknown whether the bolt cutters were meant to cut flowers for the boys’ grandmothers or for more sinister reasons. The establishment’s response? Ostentatiously walking hand in hand for a little press moment, in spectacularly safe environments of course. And, well, nothing else really.

America’s birth town of the freedom of speech movement, Berkeley California, has shown the world that freedom of speech ends when one supports the wrong president. One leftist very tolerantly smashed a peaceful protester over the head with a U-lock. These people find constant motivation and justification for their terrorist actions in mainstream media and politics. They are convinced that their point of view is the only valid point of view, that their ideals are unchallengeable – and they are confirmed by the authorities who have hardly taken serious action in the left’s long history of political violence (although that may change this year).

A couple was murdered in cold blood in their apartment in Boston on May 4th. The suspect, an immigrant from Cape Verde, had just been released from jail the month before, where he was serving time for a bank robbery. The activist judge in that case had sentenced him to 364 days. Had it been 365 days, the criminal migrant would have been deported and his two recent victims would still be alive. Isn’t it great that this little diamond in the rough can keep enriching America thanks to the left’s blind spot for, well, reality?

Within the open borders of the EU, a policy ominously ushered in by Merkel’s already historic uttering of the phrase “Wir schaffen das”, terrorism has become so commonplace that attacks don’t even make the frontpage of major newspapers anymore. “We can’t put a terrorist attack on the frontpage every day”, the editor of left-leaning Dutch newspaper defended his decision to put a fluff story about panda’s on the frontpage in stead of the failed bomb attack on the Dortmund soccer team. Before that, and without a panda story, even the bloody Stockholm attack did not make the frontpage. Since then, that same news paper obviously continues to espouse multicultarism and open borders, and to attack the right.


This is, of course, only a small sample of the enrichment which progressivism has brought us, and let’s not forget that the left actively seeks to keep adding to this list but not changing anything about their failed and lethal ideology. Notably those groups which used to be championed by the left (gays and women) and their signature subjects (free speech) are now under severe and direct threat because the left has a new favorite victim group: immigrants, and Islamic ones specifically.

It’s important to realize that if these stories would not come out anyway through independent channels, the establishment would likely not inform us about them at all. Orwell’s 1984 would be eerily close to reality if it had not been for the internet. This sounds exaggerated, but even in today’s reality the traditional media choose to focus on positive stories about open borders and multiculturalism. Criticism of these issues is consistently framed as racism. The traditional media almost universally support the EU, they almost universally oppose Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen. They hardly even try to uphold a semblance of objectivity. And that is in our reality, with the benefit of free access to information online. We, the common people, are better informed than ever and it is vital to our very existence that we hold on to that.

I’m sorry, my dear left-wingers. Reality is just a click of the mouse away. “Wir haben es nicht gewusst” is no longer an excuse. You cannot have your feel-good peace, tolerance and “generally being sweet to everyone” without acknowledging the rapes, terrorist attacks and violent oppression of dissenting voices that come with it.