Why turning back the boats is the right thing to do

Late last June, Italy’s government ordered one of the NGO ships ferrying migrants from Africa to Europe not to intervene, instead asking the Libyan coast guard to rescue a total of almost 1,000 refugees from unsafe vessels. The migrants were returned safely to harbors in Libya. This was after Italy had already refused several NGO ships access to its ports. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the League (Lega) Party is proving that it can be done, and there are many reasons why it should be done.

The 1,000 migrants were rescued from several groups of rubber boats, each of which ran into trouble 100 kilometers from the coast of Libya or less. Salvini took to Twitter to thank the Libyan coast guard, emphasizing how they are helping to thwart the efforts of human traffickers. The vice prime minister of Libya, Ahmed Miitig, has said that he wants to work together with Italy, because “the human traffickers who want to bring migrants to Italy are dangerous gangs who undermine our efforts to normalize Libya again.”

EU’s border agency Frontex has indicated that the new main human trafficking routes will lead through Spain since Italy’s crackdown against illegal immigration. According to Frontex, migrants are offered the alternative route of Morocco – Spain as they pass through countries like Niger. Spain has already allowed NGO ships to dock after they had been rejected by Italy and Malta.

I have no doubt that problems will arise in Spain, and Spain will swing right in future elections. But that will be a couple of years from now, and thousands more illegal immigrants will have come to Europe by then. With the EU’s open internal borders, the only way for Italy’s crackdown on illegal immigration to truly have effect is to leave the EU, so I expect a move in that direction somewhere in the next couple of years. As NGO’s insist that they are being directed by the maritime rescue agency to take the migrants to Europe rather than Africa, but apparently Italy can order them to stand down, the question remains: who are the ones so eager to keep this human trafficking scheme alive?

Reasons to turn back the boats

Illegal immigration is bad for refugees

Many in the mainstream media continue to conflate economic migrants and refugees, while this vast majority of immigrants are not fleeing war or actual danger at all. They are taking advantage of the plight of actual refugees and nothing undermines the sympathy of Europeans towards refugees as much as they do. Like I wrote in October 2017:

The primary obstacle in the way of actual refugees are the masses of migrants merging into the stream of refugees while they are not fleeing war, but simply looking for at best a better future, more realistically free handouts of the West’s money, and at worst actively looking to kill us.

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies work hard to find terrorists, jihadis and war criminals among the vast numbers of illegal immigrants coming to Europe, but it is in many cases impossible to conclusively tell the persecuted from the persecutors. When, after a perilous journey, they finally get to an asylum center in Europe, Christians and gays are still being haunted by the radical Muslims they were trying to flee. Many still have to hide their identity, and the Weak West decided simply to house them in separate centers, rather than immediately deporting their harrassers.

We see migrants coming to Europe in open support of ISIS who are still granted asylum. We see refugees who have escaped the harrowing ISIS slave trader, only to run into their former enslavers in the supposed free West. War criminals and terrorists are coming here as refugees and are given tax-payer funded money and housing, while awaiting a chance to murder as many of us as possible.

Facilitating and incentivizing refugees to undertake these dangerous voyages is irrational too: with the same amount of money we are spending here we could help ten times as many people in need if we would do it in their own region.

Illegal immigration is bad for Europe

93% of the migrants coming to Europe on these boats are economic migrants. Only 7% are actual refugees (earlier estimates went as low as 3%). Human traffickers are offering advice on which European country to go to, based on the most ‘welcoming’ policies. A lot of these economic migrants are not coming to work – they are coming to collect the free money they have been promised. Their labor participation rates are dramatically low.

On the other hand, Immigrants, particularly third world immigrants and particularly immigrants from Islamic countries are overrepresented in crime statistics. Many Western European countries are plagued by sex crimes, including some of the most shocking sex crime cases in modern history (the Taharrush on New Years Eve in Germany a couple of years ago, and the unfathomably widespread grooming scandal in the UK).

As concentrated immigrant populations soar in urban areas, the opportunity and incentive to assimilate into Western society are reduced to zero. This leads to cultural tensions among the native European populations and among the immigrants who do want to contribute to our societies. The deliberately non-integrating immigrants oppose the West and will never feel at home here unless we completely lose our own identities, and basically turn into them. This is where the notion comes from that immigrants escape the wretched conditions of their birth country, come to the West and demand we implement the same systems that caused the conditions they were escaping.

Research has shown that immigrants have very conservative Islamic views, many of which are diametrically opposed to the core values of the West. The most radical among them use the freedoms visited upon them here to root for the downfall of the countries that so graciously take them in.

We are importing tribal conflicts, leading to ethnic riots and brawls in asylum centers and in our streets. We are importing harmful practices like female genital mutilation, child marriages and the systematic oppression of women. Some of the most conservative and damaging religious customs find surprising defenders in the left, which mocks and criticizes Christianity, yet accepts infinitely worse from Islam.

Illegal immigration is bad for Africa, and good for human traffickers

The boats arriving here are filled to the brim with mostly young adult men, who (on average) lack the skills to easily join the First World work force, but who have the strength and ability to make a big difference and building a more prosperous Africa. Although it is unclear whether their mass departure is a relative brain drain for Africa, it is almost certainly a muscle drain.

By almost guaranteeing safe passage across the Mediterranean, the NGO ‘ferry’ ships are lowering the threshold for attempting the cross. They are drawing more people into the hands of human traffickers, while at the same time the human traffickers are making an ever smaller effort to keep their ‘cargo’ safe, knowing they are likely to be picked up within several dozens of miles off the African coast. As the boats get less safe and there are often no or faulty safety devices, the risks for the migrants are actually getting bigger.

Several NGO’s have been recorded actively cooperating with human traffickers, taking in migrants directly from their boats, rather than coming in to help in cases of emergency – returning the rubber boats to the traffickers after the ‘rescue’. This is all happening while we know that a lot of the money the traffickers make, an estimated 7 billion euros in 2016 alone, ends up in the pockets of terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

The only ones helped by the NGO ferry services are human traffickers and terrorist organizations.


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