Winning: Trump vs. The Machine

Rasmussen estimates President Trump’s approval ratings at 50%, putting him well ahead of Obama’s ratings at the same time into his (first) presidency (43%). And let’s not forget: Obama was basically revered by the mainstream media and the political establishment, whereas Trump is taking on the entire mainstream apparatus, suffering their daily attacks, which are in many cases frivolous in subject (but still vitriolic in nature) and unfounded.

From the way he holds his drink to his wife’s shoes and from his photo with hospital staff after the Parkland shooting to feeding fish in Japan. Add to that an endless barrage of supposed ties to Russia, white supremacists, the KKK, and it would be impressive for Trump to be 10 percentage points behind Obama. But he is actually ahead of the establishment’s darling now.

This tells us a couple of things. First: Trump is actually doing a very good job (in spite of establishment Republicans still working against him). And second: the establishment’s grip on the minds of ordinary people is waning. But that also means they will get nervous, and they will get angry. In public, they will explain away these numbers (it was probably the Russians). But something else will be brewing off-camera. Expect the attacks to increase in number and ferocity.

Trump is the biggest threat to the mainstream in years. They have been ugly since Trump announced running for the presidency, but expect them to get even uglier. They will not relinquish power without a fight, and that is what is at stake here to them. Not America, not the world – but power.


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