Without government, who would fine people for sitting in front of their shop?

Antique shop owner Ton Stille from the Dutch city of Maastricht was fined 220 euros for sitting on a chair in front of his shop. He protested the fine, and the court has ruled in his favor, but this apparently still has the local government deliberating whether or not to allow him to continue sitting in front of his shop. No really, this is what Maastricht’s city council is choosing to spend time on.

The first time Stille was fined was in 2012 and after years of arguing he finally decided to settle the matter in a court room. The fine has been cancelled on grounds of the matter have dragged on for too long, and a local government representative having given Still permission to sit on the sidewalk – while it should have been cancelled on the grounds of common sense and this being someone who sits on the sidewalk in front of his shop… So while this wraps up the legal aspect of the situation, the ruling leaves an opening for Maastricht city council to forbid Stille from sitting where he wants to sit (and where he is not bothering, hurting or victimizing anyone), so the dispute between him and government may not even be over.

Year after year we are giving governments more power, more influence over how we live our lives. This is where it inevitably ends. Ultimately you will come to a point where the most ridiculous example of government interference you can think of will be less ridiculous than the reality of what our governments occupy themselves with. They are treating people like children to turn them into children. Dependents.


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