Netherlands: judge stops local governments investigating Turkish welfare frauds, because ‘discrimination’

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf researched court sentencings against Turkish recipients of welfare. They found that there are suspicions of fraud against 20% of Turkish welfare recipients living in The Netherlands; many of them own land or real estate in Turkey and have failed to notify the Dutch government of this. Local governments had an effective method of investigating these suspicions, but that has been ruled discriminatory by a judge.

The Dutch government has been defrauded out of millions in welfare, and it now has no way of ever getting it back. Several cities were hiring local Turkish investigators to make the cases against these suspects, but officially they would have to go through the International Bureau Of Fraud Information, which takes much longer – often years versus the six to eight weeks that local partners in Turkey need.

Out of all non-Western recipients of welfare, an estimated 10% is defrauding the government. Among Turks, it is double that figure. At least, because one of the Turkish investigative bureaus claims it has seen cities in which half the Turkish population is defrauding the Dutch government out of welfare checks.

Not only can local governments not use their most effective weapon against fraud by migrants, and not only will they not get that money back – they will actually have to repay the fraudulent Turks for months in back pay. Yes, this is even though it has been proven that they have committed fraud.

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